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The Help Furaha Foundation is an organisation supporting the Furaha Day Centre in Kenya (furahacentre.org), which runs the Day Care Centre for the children with cerebral palsy, autism and DS.

The Furaha Centre offers a highly qualified day care, play, food, sensory integration therapy and occupational therapy. The Furaha Day Centre operates thanks to the donations, which help to do the day care programmes. The children here in Kenya are often neglected because they were born different. The result is that the children are in poor health. They are malnourished. They are very often sexually abused. Discrimination and stigma harm the children emotionally.

Few organisations in the Meru County help such young children. That is why they are not able to help all the children in need.

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Give me your helping hand

Do you want to help the child at the Furaha Centre in Kenya? Become involved in the „Give me your helping hand” Project.
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Become a volunteer

Voluntary service at the Furaha Day Centre is a rewarding and amusing way of giving a helping hand.
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As a non-profit organisation, we base our activity on the generosity of our donors and supporters. Thanks to this support we are able to function.
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Support the project

Unusual projects need unusual actions. Everyday functioning of the Furaha Day Centre needs money.
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Special events and actions

Unusual projects need unusual actions. Everyday functioning of the Furaha Day Centre needs money. In our foundation there are positive people who want to collect as much money as possible to support the Furaha Centre’s development and functioning. They also want to enthuse as many people as possible with our idea.


Apr 6, 2020

Music for happiness – our new project 🙂

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The Music for Happiness – this is our new project to support

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Mar 2, 2020

Digital Friday in Furaha Center

Furaha Centre 0 Comments

From January 2020, we embarked in technology activities where

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Feb 7, 2020

Buy The Land

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On 13th December 2019 we had initiated the new, very important Project “BUY

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Dec 23, 2019

Martynka for Furaha

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We are honoured to be promoted by people of all ages. This

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Meet our children

Meet our children, who are waiting for your support.
The pictures of the children who are not looked after are black and white.

They support us

Thanks to your support, the Help Furaha Foundation can help the children in need. Thank you!