Help Furaha Foundation

About the Help Furaha Foundation

The Help Furaha Foundation is an organisation supporting the Furaha Day Centre in Kenya (, which runs the Day Care Centre for the children with cerebral palsy, autism and DS. The Furaha Centre offers a highly qualified day care, play, food, sensory integration therapy and occupational therapy. The Furaha Day Centre operates thanks to the donations, which help to do the day care programmes.

The children here in Kenya are often neglected because they were born different. The result is that the children are in poor health. They are malnourished. They are very often sexually abused. Discrimination and stigma harm the children emotionally. Few organisations in the Meru County help such young children. That is why they are not able to help all the children in need.

Every child in Kenya needs food, love, health, fun and education on a daily basis, even those with autism, cerebral palsy, DS and dyslexia. These children in Kenya are often forgotten by their families and communities. The founders of the Furaha Day Centre in Kenya saw the needs of the discriminated and hidden children nobody wants to deal with. These children do not have happy childhood, although they deserve it the same as healthy children. Here we are in order to speak on behalf of these kids, to give them love and medical support they need.

The Furaha Day Centre is located in the County of Meru in the Republic of Kenya. The Centre works with the children during the day. Simultaneously, they teach the parents how to take care of the children and to change the relations in the families. The Centre is located in an easy to reach place. The Centre has clean and tidy rooms, which make a good surrounding for the disabled children.

The Furaha Centre has a special therapeutic room, physiotherapy, consulting and psychotherapy sections. There are classes, a dining – room and other necessary rooms. Our dream is to build a true centre on our own land with the space for children to learn practical activities such as: growing plants, carpentry, clothes making, breeding animals and beekeeping.

Mission and vision


We want to do our best to support the Furaha Centre in taking care of the children and helping the local communities understand and know more about cerebral palsy, autism, DS and dyslexia. We want to promote healthy living in the communities.


Our dream is to eliminate the stigma and discrimination and to open the Kenyans to the disabled children who are often cut off from the world by their families. We want to create better living conditions, to improve health of the people with cerebral palsy, autism, DS and dyslexia.


  • creating the place in Kenya for the disabled children where with love will they be given professional help and joy
  • providing the Kenyan disabled children with physiotherapy and medical care
  • teaching the parents and their local communities about taking care of the children with cerebral palsy, autism, DS and dyslexia
  • helping the Furaha Centre children become independent and self-sufficient when they grow up

They support us

Thanks to your support, the Help Furaha Foundation can help the children in need. Thank you!