Furaha Centre Team

Furaha Centre Team 

Sussy Kaare Ntonja

She has worked at the Furaha Centre since April 2017. She has graduated from the Kenya Medical Training College in Nairobi in the field of Workshop Therapy. She is a single Mother to her daughter Zawadi. Her hobby is playing with children, singing and watching films.

Sussy about herself:

„My job with the cerebral palsy and autistic children gives me a lot of satisfaction because it changes their everyday life. It is also a blessing for so many parents of the disabled children.
My motto: „To develop in my work and to change the life of the people I meet in my life“. My role model is Michele Obama.

Ruth Nyawira


Ruth is one of the caretakers. She has been with us since the very beginning, in April 2016.

She is a Mother to two boys. One of them – Alvin is one of our first patients. She gives a lot of useful pieces of advice and motivates other parents of the children with cerebral palsy through sharing her experience. He is a loving mother. She attended a lot of trainings for parents of the children with cerebral palsy organised by the SEP (Special Educational Professionals – Nairobi). She is open to meeting new people. She likes singing in the choir.

Lindsy Kaimuri Ngai


Lynn is one of our caretakers. She has worked with us since the very beginning of our Centre, in April 2016. In spite of not being educated in the field of disability, Lynn has a big heart and loves the disabled children. Her hobby is football ;-), meeting new people, singing, listening to religious music, gospel, reading motivational books. She has a great ability to organise activities for children. She loves being with the disabled children, especially with the ones with cerebral palsy and autism at the Furaha Centre.

Jacinta Syombua Musyoki


Jacinta is our cook who takes care of our patients‘ tummies. She has been with us from the very beginning. She has the Certificate of Food Production and Technology granted at the Kianjai Polytechnic. Her hobby is cooking, sewing and watching films. She is a Mother to three children. Her dream is to see the everyday progress in the children with cerebral palsy so that they can function independently in the future.

Judy Murugi Ndegwa


Judy has worked at our Centre as a social worker and a teacher since March 2018. She has the certificate in sociology granted at the Kenya Institute of Hospitality Studies in Nairobi. She is a Mother to two kids. Her hobby is reading motivational books, hiking and swimming. She likes meeting new people. She is keen on working with children.

Ray Nyankieya


Ray is a graduate of the Kenya Medical Training College. He is single. He likes swimming, reading and playing the piano. He is motivated by being happy when he sees cheerful children who are independent.
That is why, he decided to join our Centre. Ray believes that he is the change the Furaha Centre needs. Children are his passion. He loves being with them. At the Centre he can learn about the kids, their challenges and dealing with the problems. His role model is Barack Obama. His motto is: the change will not come if you wait for another person or better time. We are those who bring the change.