Founders and Board of the Foundation

Founders of the Help Furaha Foundation

Marek Krakus

Founder and Director of the Furaha Centre in Kenya, Chairman of the Help Furaha Foundation

Catholic University of Lublin graduate – specialisation: theology. Happy husband of one wife…. and Daddy to three children: two princesses and one prince. He fulfils his life vocation with the ones in need in Kenya. „I can do all this through him who gives me strength“ – these words by Saint Paul are Marek’s motto. He loves travelling and spending time with his family

This is incredible. In May last year I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my first contact with Kenyan red land and its great people – 20 years of work with the poorest children with cerebral palsy and autism forgotten by the world. I started at the Catholic Kaburugi mission; 45 kilometres from Nairobi, where I founded the place called Don Orione Centre. In that centre we took care of the children with cerebral palsy, DS and autism. Then in 2010, I worked with HIV positive children in Meru and in April 2016 I accepted the next challenge and opened the Furaha Day Therapy Centre. „Furaha“ means „Happiness“ in Swahili. I opened the centre because it had been the dream of my heart for many years. My dream is to help as many children with cerebral palsy and autism as possible through organising therapies, seminars, clinics and finally through building the Modern Rehabilitation Centre in Kenya

Board of the Help Furaha Foundation

We are business people. We are Mothers and Fathers in our families and the people who have become successful in their lives.
Our Lord’s words are our motto: “Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me” (Mt 25,40)
We have seen a great opportunity to help the disabled children in Kenya. Every person in the Board of the Foundation has their own story connected with this project.

Jadlyne Makena Krakus

Director of the Furaha Centre in Meru, Kenya

„I graduated from the university in the field of counselling at the Kenya Methodist University. I am a biological Mother to two wonderful kids: Nolan and Natalia and a step – mother to a beautiful girl named Michalina. I feel strongly connected with the name given to me by my community – Mamma Furaha, mother of many exceptional children. I am the wife of one Polish husband Marek Krakus. I married one man three times and I have got one Marriage Certificate…. ha ha ;-). Are you curious how it happened? One wedding was traditional, when Marek had to negotiate my price and my marriage portion consisted of two cows, some goats and local beer etc. ☺ The second wedding was the civil one and finally the last wedding took place in the church”

My hobby is travelling, cooking, gardening, shopping, listening to music and dancing.

„Mother Theresa of Calcutta is my inspiration; she is my role model. I realised the truth of her words saying that: “It is not how much we give, but how much love is put in the giving.” I was born and I grew up in Meru in Kenya and I saw a lot of children suffering from discrimination and poverty.

I was born in a very simple environment where the best house was made of mud, where an unusual meal consisted of corn and beans. Thanks God, with time a lot of things have changed. Together with my husband we founded the Furaha Centre in order to find love and smile of those extraordinary children and their parents, especially Mothers and to help them develop.

At the very beginning of our Furaha Centre we asked our friends to feed only one child, not one hundred; we asked them to support the therapy of one child, not two. Finally, one turned into hundreds. My community suffers from its traditional superstitions connected with disabled children. The Furaha Centre gave them space to fight the stigma and discrimination of those extraordinary children in order to help them have good life.

I truly believe that all the children should live in freedom and love.

Bożena Frey

Board Member of the Help Furaha Foundation. As an accountant she runs an accounting office. She is a Mother to two wonderful Daughters and a beloved Drandma to small Rysiu. Her favourite sport is drinking coffee 😉 – however she also likes dancing and singing. She loves living with people and for people.




Wojciech Adamski

Head of the Board of the Foundation, legal counsel. He comes from beautiful Sanok. Now his home is in Kraków. He loves the Old Town and he is happy that he can run his office in the heart of Kraków. He is interested in philosophy and religion. He spends his free time painting, listening to music and cooking. He likes meeting new people and talking about different subjects. He is a Father to a wonderful Daughter. Waiting for his first child was an important lesson for him and made him think a lot. Unfortunately, not every child in the world has a chance to have happy, carefree childhood even though every child deserves it. That is why he wants to be a part of FURAHA.



Krzysztof Drabik

Multiple world record-holder in juggling
Winner of the Polish edition of „Got a talent“ – Audience Award
Polish, European and Asian champion in flair bartending
High mountains lover
Social activist in many charity campaigns