Profiles from DuoLife (Virtual Wallet):

Help Furaha PLN – PL7919521

Help Furaha EUR – NL6441193

Help Furaha GBP – GB8545103

Help Furaha USD – RU8666980

The Asante Foundation as the Polish partner of the Furaha Centre Meru has opened an independent sub account in Gospodarczy Bank Spółdzielczy in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

Sub account number: 67 8363 0004 0012 0678 2000 0003

IBAN: PL 67 8363 0004 0012 0678 2000 0003

All the payments made to the above mentioned sub account will be donated to the Furaha Centre. The payments shall be made with the note: Fundacja Asante – projekt Furaha Centre [Asante Foundation – Furaha Centre Project] .